Sechs Postludien

Sechs Postludien
for organ
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The Preludes for organ were written in 2011, closely followed by the Inventions in 2012. I have continued to pursue the tendency of these works, doubtless using the experiences I acquired when the organist Wolfgang Kogert was recording them.

The 6 Postludien – the title refers to the internal trias of the three organ works – were written in late autumn 2013. In relation to the preludes, they are less trenchantly-aphoristically playful, of greater capacity, more “serious” if you like in their aspiration and richer in formal concentration.

Conceived as the conclusion of my group of works for organ, they have nevertheless become the pivotal point for further confrontations with their material in subsequent pieces for other instruments.

The Postludien are dedicated to my friend Hans Haselböck, who encouraged me again and again to write for the organ, on the occasion of his 85th birthday.

Friedrich Cerha

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